German Cockroach

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German Cockroach

Species category: Cockroach
Scientific name: Blattella germanica
Family: Blatellidae

A smaller species of cockroach, it typically measures 13-16mm in length when it reaches adulthood. It is identified by two distinct dark brown strips running down the outside edge of the pronotum. This species is a light tan brown to dark brown colour.

It moves with speed and equally well on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Typically, it is faster than other cockroach species.

They tend to more successfully inhabit buildings over other species. There are a number of factors which contribute to this. A shorter life cycle, coupled with an ability to constantly reproduce, accelerates population growth. German cockroaches are also faster and smaller than other species making detection even harder.

Originating from tropical Africa, the German cockroach now has a world-wide distribution.

It prefers a warm, dark and well-hidden environment such as behind refrigerators and inside kitchen cabinets. They can be easily found in restaurants and hotels.

As it feeds on a large variety of foodstuffs, it is also commonly discovered wherever food is stored and prepared.

In the course of their foraging activity, the nymphs, larvae and adults can contaminate and infect foodstuffs. They secrete an odorous discharge from their body which also taints and contaminates food.

Like other cockroach species, the German Cockroach transmits bacteria as they walk, transferring pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli to every area they scurry across.

Cockroaches also shed cuticles, faeces and other cockroach debris which are known as asthma and allergy triggers.

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