The only product with polymer enhanced technology formulation for Dengue control in Malaysia

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What is K-Othrine® Polyzone?

This new formulation of an existing pyrethroid insecticide extends the residual impact of the insecticide with minimize disruption to families and environment, providing cost effective mosquito control program.

Technical Details
K-Othrine® Polyzone is a polymer enhanced suspension concentrate aqueous formulation containing 62.5g of deltamethrin per litre.

- This new formulation was developed by Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC) industrial partner ENVU, who have been working with IVCC on this and other projects since 2005.
- Conducted field trial in Malaysia with Institute of Medical Research (IMR) since 2014 on the effectiveness of K-Othrine® Polyzone in controlling dengue.

K-Othrine® Polyzone is used as long lasting outdoor and indoor residual spray as part of mosquito management solution

The Science Behind K-Othrine® Polyzone
- The proprietary technology, a polymer enhanced suspension concentrate aqueous formulation that protects the active ingredient from weather, rainfall and mechanical abrasion.
- It has a longer residual effect than all other pyrethroid formulations (3 months residuality).
- This longer residuality provides sustainable and long lasting effective control of the mosquito population in a treated area.

LOCK the active ingredients particles (red) in place PROTECT each active ingredients particle from rainfall, irrigation and abrasion RELEASE the active ingredients over an extended period of time


- Passes WHOPES risk assessment
- Reduce risk of wash-off and environmental contamination
- Safe in use both for human safety and the environment
- 3 months residuality with its polymer enhanced proprietary technology
- Indoor and outdoor application even in harsh weather condition
- Non staining after application
- No odour