Innovation at Envu

Envu is an inventor company with a long tradition of research. What sets us apart from competition is not that we have been innovating successfully for quite some time (more than 150 years, to be precise). Nor is it in the beauty of our molecules or the IQ of our researchers.

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Bayer, an innovative company

The difference is how we approach innovation in the Environmental Science market - it’s our ability to walk in your shoes. Until we spend a day in your life, talk to you about what would make your job easier or how you could get rid of challenges, we won’t spend a single minute in the lab.

The customer is at the centre of innovation
Users are partners along the entire development process. Customer feedback during turf demo trials or testing of application prototypes by pest control and vector control operators in different markets are crucial in identifying benefits, limitations and opportunities of our development candidates.

Investing in outcome-driven innovation
To truly understand the challenges and opportunities of your business, we need to see them through your eyes.

By spending a day in your life, customers allow us to see the challenges of their work. It provides crucial food for thought for our development teams and we find a real solution to tackle the problems that trouble you most.

Customer advisory councils
Regular customer insight on the Environmental Science Market and our products helps us continuously improve existing products but also provides plenty of ideas for new products, packaging, application solutions and services, creating a better future for your business.

Solving global challenges – locally
Envu Environmental Science offers a dedicated network of development specialists across the globe. With development centres in the United States, Germany, and Brazil, and innovation hubs in India and China, we develop solutions close to where you are.

Convincing results

We have introduced true innovation over the past few years:

Suspend PolyZone,
It offers an unprecedented, 90-day outdoor residual control of a broad spectrum of pests. This is achieved using an exclusive technology that shields the active ingredient from weather, irrigation and mechanical abrasion. Providing a solution that offers complete peace of mind to our pest control customers and their customers.

A strong and highly durable bednet. It is soft to the touch and wash-resistant beyond 35 washes, providing more nights of protection against malaria.

Innovations that offer convenience, safe-use and easy-application, are the keys to future growth. We believe in working together with our customers to achieve success. That’s why we continually invest in the latest science and technology and are committed to developing superior and sustainable solutions for the future of your business.